Patti Jane Golden

Patti Jane Golden


Patti Jane Golden, author of SECRETS IN THE VINES and DANUBE DEFIANCE, was born with an inherent sense of adventure. The Biloxi, Mississippi native gives new meaning to tripping abroad. Experiencing international travel for the first time in her early teens, the brief jaunt stuck with her. She knew in her heart that the day-long excursion to a Mexican border town was the beginning of a lifetime of exotic journeys, which later included trips to Chile, Malawi, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, and Europe.

After practicing law for many years, she was unexpectedly thrust into the role of diplomat wife in Eastern Europe. Much of the background material in SECRETS IN THE VINES and DANUBE DEFIANCE is borrowed from personal travel experiences, including humorous insights and unique perspectives gained upon arrival in Bucharest. Her profound insights into the Romanian culture are eye-opening in both books, igniting the curiosity of the reader while providing non-stop entertainment.

She hopes her books, which are complete works of fiction, will disabuse Western readers of the “vampire” image of Romania and introduce the world to the beautiful, intriguing, and lighter sides of the country and its people. Rich wines, a colorful culture, and great friends are all woven together in her travel mystery novels just as they were for her in real life. She hopes that SECRETS IN THE VINES and DANUBE DEFIANCE pique the curiosity of readers to delve deeper into this fascinating country and its warm and welcoming people.

At a time when our news sources paint a bleak picture of a frightening world and many people are afraid to travel, Patti Jane Golden’s travel mystery books are intended to offer up kinder, gentler places on earth which still exist and are worthy of a visit or extended vacation.
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